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Direct! Fast! Global buying service from Guangzhou wholesale market promptly and accurately

It is a service to immediately purchase the products (clothing, children's wear, shoes, bags, accessories, etc.)
from the Guangzhou wholesale market in China and to ship them on the same day or the next day after quality or quantity inspection.
to ship them on the same day or the next day after quality inspection and quantity inspection.
In order to handle customers received in Korea and improve sales rates, we are providing fast-paced service through prompt communication with local companies and smooth communication. We are also conducting market research together with purchasing, and we are reasonably billed for logistics and commission to improve the business competitiveness of customers using Tebah.


1. Fill out application form
After log in, download the order
form and update it on the application board.
* Order receipt deadline: 11 am
2. Primary feedback
We will send out invoices on the
same day after confirming the
inventory of the order and confirming
the date of export.
3. Payment confirmation
After confirming the deposit until
2pm on the day, the buying service
will be proceed.
4. Secondary feedback
We will send you a purchase invoice
and a shipping statement by e-mail
after buying the products that you wanted
5. Logistics Charge
After arrival (Incheon port) in Korea,
we will charge the logistics fee
(China - Korea) and the domestic fare (Incheon - customer site).
6. Receipt of goods
At the same time as the payment
of the logistics fee, the import
procedure is completed and the goods will be sent to your business.

Agency commission

Price of goods Agency commission
Less than 1 million won Separate charge for pick-up cost (per 10,000won)
1 million won ~ less than 3 million won 10%
3million won ~ less than 5million won 8%
5million won ~ less than 8million won 7%
8million won ~ Less than 15 million won 6%
Over 15 million won 5%