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Perfect partner for your global businessProfessional export service! Experienced experts for export to China

We provide a variety of export services to the designated buyers in China, such as export-related export cargo pickup, document preparation, export packing, export customs clearance, logistics selection, import customs clearance, final destination delivery.

Procedures for using overseas export agency

1. . Export request form
After signing in, fill out an export
request form for the products you
want to export.
2. Primary feedback
Based on the information provided, we will notify you of the first expense after confirming the export availability, date, period, and price.
* Due to the fluctuation of the exchange rate and the actual
weight of the product, there will
be a cost difference and additional fee may incur.
3. Payment confirmation
After confirming the payment,
we pick up from the client's
warehouse and proceed with shipment and export customs clearance.
4. Secondary feedback
When the product arrives in China,
we will process the import customs clearance of the importing country
and charge the second cost.
* Primary cost : Export agency fee, commodity price, local transportation cost, international transportation cost
* Secondary cost: Tariff, tax, customs clearance fee, transportation cost in China, other variable cost
5. Final settlement
After the final settlement, customs clearance can be carried out and the product can be picked up at the final destination (logistics terminal or
personal place of business.)

Export agency fee

Price of goods Agency commission
Less than 1 million won 100,000 won
1 million won ~ less than 4 million won 10%
4million won ~ less than 8million won 8%
8million won ~ less than 20million won 6%
More than 20 million won 5%
More than 50 million won 4%
More than 100 million 3.5%
More than 300 million 2.5%
More than 500 million 2%