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Global Business Partners, TebahProfessional Import Services for Overseas Business

You can get the products that you wanted in your country by contacting Tebah. You just have vendor information and ordering information.
If you do not have any import experience or you are not qualified as a importer. Tebah will be able to arrange your order from production to order, logistics, customs clearance and inland transport service. If you want to find new trading partners and want to trade, you can use the Tebah market research service.(The request incurs additional expense)

Procedures for using overseas import agency

1. Preparation of
import agency request form
After signing in, fill out the application
for the import agency for products that you want to import .
2. Primary feedback
We will contact venders and
notify you of the first payment after confirming availability.
* Costs may vary depending on currency fluctuations and actual weight of the product.
3. Import agency progress
After the payment is confirmed, the import is going to start. The goods are inspected after the product is loaded.
* Inspection is for checking the
quantity of product.(Free)
* If you want Quality Inspection,
the inspection fee is added.
If there is no abnormality after
checking the product, we will ship the product to Korea
* If the product requires special wrapping additional cost will be incurred.
5. Secondary Charge
When the product arrives in Korea, we charge the secondary cost
* Primary cost: Import agency fee, commodity price, local transportation cost, international transportation cost
* Secondary cost: Tariff, Tax, Customs clearance fee, inland freight and other variable cost
6. Product receipt
After Clearance, you can pick up
your goods at the place where you want (terminal, personal place of business).

import commission

Commodity price(unit.million won) Agency fee
Less than 1 100,000 won
1 ~ 4 10%
4 ~ 8 8%
8 ~ 20 6%
20 5%
50 4%
100 3.5%
200 3%
300 2.5%
500 2%

Pleas Read All Comments and Cautions

A. China Inland Shipping
Chinese seller will ship goods to Tebah China branch, it takes 3 ~ 5days depending on the region,

B. International Transportation
Tebah is sending out goods from China branch to Korea and it takes 3 ~ 7days and the fare is calculated according to the weight, the volume of products and type of transportation (air, sea). You can calculate the exact cost and the number of days by applying for an order.

Delivery time

The total delivery days is about 7 ~ 14 days, which is the sum of local and international shipping time.
China Local Delivery Period International Delivery Period Domestic Delivery Period
3~5 days 3~7 days 1~2 days
· Transportation period is based on Business Day(weekday).
· However, if the exporter sends the goods late or the problem is shipped to the international transportation due to natural disasters, the shipping period may be longer. Due to late contact with exporters,availability of stock, availability of local transportation companies, holidays, etc., please allow enough time for your purchase.
Tebah will do its best to meet delivery date as an import agency. But we will not be responsible for delivery delays.

Tariff and Customs
If the price of the item you have purchased and international shipping is over KRW 150,000 won, it will be taxable.
Depending on the type of goods, 10 ~ 20% of customs duty is usually added. However, if the individual imports are not a formal import, 20% of simplified taxation will apply uniformly. In addition, there are additional costs such as product storage fee and customs fee.

The following items must pay the customs duties and domestic taxes specified in the Customs Act and the Domestic Tax Act.
- Items that are not recognized as personal-use even if the total taxable price is less than W150,000 won.
- When domestic residents receive the goods, the price of goods exceeds the taxable price of KRW 150,000won.
- Sample goods exceeding US $ 250

There is no exact standard for whether or not taxation will apply.
Please note that even if you order the same product, it is taxable and some products are not taxable. This means that tariff applications can be different even for the same product. If a product does not look like a high-quality product in appearance, or if it is small in size / volume, it may simply pass through when it is customs clear. On the other hand, even if a low-priced product is seen as an expensive product, you might have to pay by customs. In some cases, if the goods are in customs clearance, customs will contact you ask for proof of price. So you show the url of the place where you purchased the goods and inform the price, you will be eligible for estimated taxation,

However, please note that forbidden items are usually returned without such data is useless. Of course, forbidden items are often decided on a subjective basis, so please be aware that it is difficult to tell the probability of 100% customs clearance. Therefore, please make sure that you are responsible for the final customs clearance and check the items that can be custom-made before the purchase.

Tax exemption
Items listed below may be tax exempted.
- Items recognized as self-use of domestic residents are equivalent to the total taxable price of KRW 150,000 won or less.
- Items that are considered to be used as samples for taxable prices of US $ 250 or less.
- Exhibitors who participate in fairs or similar events provide visitors the goods imported for free. But price of the goods is less than US $ 5 per person, the items
 deemed appropriate by the customs officer
- Goods which are eligible for reduction of customs duties
- Goods without tariffs

Simplified import declaration
Items other than are subject to simplified import declaration, Although the recipient does not declare the import to the customs office. it determines the taxation and exemption according to the goods specification of the customs declaration attached to the mail. Tax exemptions and taxable items are determined based on the price, quantity and reasons for importation. Items for which tax exemption or tax is determined can be delivered from the post office to the recipient's address, and the recipient can receive the items after paying the tax.

Simple Tax: (commodity price + international shipping + insurance) × simplified tax rate

When it is judged that the price of the goods is not reasonable in determining the taxable price, the tax will be determined based on the price information submitted by the addressee or the price inspected by the customs officer.
If you think that the levied tax is wrong, you can file an objection to the customs clearance of the goods, and they will check and correct it according to the legitimate procedure.

Import declaration
The following items should be declared as EDI-type import declaration through customs or public terminal for general import declaration. If the items are import restricted items, they should be accompanied with documents such as recommendation, permission and approval as specified in relevant laws and regulations.
- Tariff Act of the 226 provisions of Customs check the merchandise Notice Article 3 (2)
- Goods exempted from import and export approval pursuant to Foreign Trade Act No.27 including Narcotics management, Gun, Sword, Explosives etc, Control Act, Nature Conservation Act. The Act on Protection and Hunting, the Law Concerning the Transboundary Movement and Treatment of Waste, the Livestock Infectious Diseases Prevention Act, the Plant Infectious Disease Law, and the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (limited to misuse / abuse medicines designated by the Food and Drug Administration)

Prohibited items

- Firearm, firearm-like guns, survival goods, swords, animals, insects
- Gas or flammable products
- Medicines without the professional diagnosis of doctors and pharmacists and drugs that enter into unusual waies.
 Drugs that may be abused, wild animals and plants regulated by the CITES Convention
- Currency products such as gold bullion, currency check, bond, cash
- Illegal goods such as adult articles such as pornography, illegal publications, confidential leak related materials
- Infringement of intellectual property rights such as illegal copy (imitation)

Prohibited items with care

Food and health functional food
When you intend to import food for sale or for business use, you must notify the Food and Drug Administration to the food standard and specifications, whether it contains any harmful substances, and then report the import
Electrical and household goods, children's goods
You must obtain certification from certificate authority about the products written on the above. Because the product is concerned with the danger such as fire or electric shock due to the structure or the use method.
Radio product
Equipment that may cause harmful effects to the radio environment, broadcasting network, etc., and equipment that is subject to serious electromagnetic interference or interference with normal operation from electromagnetic waves, may be subject to conformity assessment and may be imported.

Product Inspection
It is not the quality inspection, it is Quantity Inspection, and the quantity of the product is given priority and the defect of the product is not recognized.
In Tebah, some of the order quantity is opened randomly before shipping to you, and then the product quantity, condition inspection (operation inspection, exclusive quality inspection excluded) and total quantity (box quantity) are checked by Tebah. If the defect is not found in the product or if there is a deficiency or quantity shortage, the defect will be promptly exchanged or the appropriate action will be taken. In case of a fatal defect, there may be a return process and we will contact you immediately. we are not responsible for this part as there may be a shock during the international transportation. But we take a measure to protect your products, you can request inspection about the entire quantity in advance.

Defective product
It can be returned, exchanged, or repaid according to the terms of the contract with the Chinese factory. The range of costs is also based on the contract. If there are no contracts related to defects, the shipping cost for exchange and refund is paid by consumer. Quality of Chinese products are lower than compared to Korea products. The quality control process dod not completely eliminate defective products. Therefore, it is recommended that customers make an import decision after market research and checking a sample.

commodity price fluctuation and exchange rate
Sometime estimates and actual costs may vary because of commodity price changes, tariff Schedule as amended, custom tariff changes, IT system failure, exchange rate differences, you may pay for additional fee. Tebah can reasonably settle balance conditions about balance pay period, balance coverage, the transfer fee.

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