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Excellent Partner for Business in ChinaYou can pretend to open local branches in Guangzhou, China

It is possible to establish a branch office in China and to use basic telephone service and other facilities through Tebah. It also offers the option of providing dedicated staff and providing a reserved seats and independent office where you can work on business trips.

Who is suitable for this service?

Excessive expenses due to opening branch office or liaison office
Problems concerning local staff dispatch, management and language
Needs of opening exclusive office in China and a local contact directly.

Overseas branch office Service

Mark address of Tebah China branch in your business
card · letter
Hotline in China
Set up a hot line of your company at Tebah China branch
Mail management
To organize, manage about
all kinds of postal matters,
Hot line answering service
Answering calls, messaging
Use of facilities
Use this center's facilities (meeting rooms, etc.) during your business trip or on business trip
Use of consultation room
Free use of consultation room
Provide business seats
Free seats for work during your business trip or on business trip
Established branch office
Establishment of China branch office with address of Tebah China center

Overseas branch office Service Fee

1 month 6 month 1 year
198,000 won / Inclusion of VAT 1,128,600 won(5% discount) / Inclusion of VAT 2,138,400 won(10% discount) / Inclusion of VAT
* Exclusive telephone installation (independent phone number can be set up) and telephone charge separately
* Exclusive staff, Separate office and in-house accommodation during your business trip (add separate charge)