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Excellent Partner for Business in ChinaYou can pretend to open local branches in Guangzhou, China

Please read it before applying!
· You can apply after login, and please write as your real name.
· We will reply to you(cost, procedure) within 1 day after the consultation.
· Branch Office as proxy
  - Use Tebah center address in your business card · Letter
  - Receiving, organizing and resending various mails
  - Center's facility (meeting room, etc.) when you business trip
  - Your desk&seat for business trip in Tebah_China branch
  - Link between your office telephone and Tebah China branch' phone
  - Various phone reception and message delivery
  - Free use of Buyer consultation room
  - Establishment of branch office with address of Tebah_China branch

Overseas branch office Service Fee

1 month 6 month 1 year
198,000 won / Inclusion of VAT 1,128,600 won(5% discount) / Inclusion of VAT 2,138,400 won(10% discount) / Inclusion of VAT
* Exclusive telephone installation (independent phone number can be set up) and telephone charge separately
* Exclusive staff, Separate office and in-house accommodation during your business trip (add separate charge)

381지사대행 문의 드립니다.박*현2022-04-14Completed
380지사대행 문의드립니다권*준2021-11-30Completed
379지사대행 문의 김*빈2021-11-16Completed
378지사대행 상담요청배*호2021-10-28Completed
377광저우 지사대행 문의이*진2021-10-26Completed
375서류상 지사 대행문의신*규2021-10-06Completed
374중국 지사대행 문의이*희2021-10-01Completed
373지사대행 문의드립니다.최*우2021-08-30Completed
372지사 대행 문의서*원2021-07-27Completed
371중국지사 대행문의김*진2021-07-14Completed
370지사대행 요청남*현2021-07-02Completed
368지사대행 문의김*철2021-03-31Cancellation
366중국 지사 문의김*진2021-03-18Completed
365지사대행 요청합니다.소*빈2021-03-16Cancellation
364지사대행 견적 문의드립니다.홍*훈2021-03-15Completed
363지사대행 문의 요청드립니다.박*희2021-03-10Completed
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