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Business translation services for various businesses Clear, concise and accurate translation of business documents

·Please read it before applying!
·You can apply after login, and please write as your real name.
· After consulting , Tebah will send you translation bill within 1 hour.
· If you want to change or cancel the contract after the translation work has been doing, you will incur 5% additional fee on your the total fee.
· Translation cost
  - The above rates are basic unit prices. Professional rates are applied according to the difficulty of the original text.
   (Fee calculated by : basic cost × number of pages × professional rates = total estimated amount)
  - One page (A4: Hangul 220 words or 12 font -25 lines, US 250 words, Chinese 680 words/ except for graphics, images)
  - Emergency translation fee is 5,000 won per page. If you want a native speaker inspection, 5,000 won is added per page.
  - Normal translation period: Within 2-3 days up to 5 pages
  - 10% discount for many translations with more than 100 pages.
* Translation will be started after payment.

Translation Fee

Language Korean > Foreign Language Foreign Language > Korean
English 12,000 won 10,000 won
Chinese 12,000 won 10,000 won
* High level(160%) : Sentences are difficult to understand at the general level. Translations requiring specialized knowledge. ex) legal documents, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences, academic journal, patent documents, contracts, abstract of paper, literary contents, advertising copy, etc.
* Middle level(130%) : Difficult sentences. ex) company introduction, homepage, catalog, professional correspondence, middle / high school textbook level, etc.
* Low level(100%) : Normal and easy. ex) ordinary sentences, general correspondence, business correspondence, diary, resume, general news articles, etc.
516계약서 번역문의임*연2022-07-26Acceptance
515상세페이지번역 문의권*길2022-06-21Completed
514상세페이지 번역문의김*진2022-06-15Completed
512상세페이지 번역박*석2022-06-10Completed
511총판계약서 번역 및 계약대행 문의김*민2022-05-26Completed
510상세페이지 번역문의박*경2022-05-13Completed
508상세페이지 번역이*미2022-04-28Completed
506상세페이지 번역 의뢰곽*규2022-04-17Cancellation
505설명서 번역문의김*정2022-04-14Completed
504상세페이지 번역김*식2022-03-04Completed
503상세페이지 번역업무김*희2022-02-15Completed
502상세페이지 번역문의김*아2022-02-03Completed
501중국어 설명서 및 상세 페이지 번역 견적문의유*형2022-01-18Completed
500중문계약서 상세 번역요청 드립니다.박*빈2021-12-23Completed
499가구 조립 설명서 번역김*식2021-12-10Completed
498설명서 번역조*호2021-12-07Completed
497상세페이지 번역 문의오*솔2021-12-03Completed
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