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Even if you do not go directly to China to investigate the products you want, you can get the information including the wholesale price, the orderable quantity, OEM availability, production schedule, sourcing agency by uploading a picture of product and little information at Tebah and it only takes 1~2 days. Our service is very economical, which means we can help saving your financial cost and time. And once you use our market researching service, you can take our services that contain the informations of researching products, buying a sample, bulk imports as much as you need.

Market research procedure

1. Create market
research request form
After signing in,
fill out a market research
request form
2. Primary feedback
Within 1 day after checking
your request,
we will inform you whether or
not the product exists.
3. Request for payment
of investigation expenses
After confirming,
whether or not the product exists,
we will ask you to deposit the cost of market research.
4. Conduct market research
After confirming the payment,
we conduct market research
on the requested products.
5. Secondary feedback
We will notify you of the survey
results within 3-5 days of market research
* There is a difference
depending on the product
6. Request a sample
Based on market research results,
we receive your satisfaction,
feedback and requesting a sample.

Market research Fee

Product investigation fee Factory investigation fee
33,000 won (including VAT) per item 55,000 won (including VAT) per item
* Sample purchase cost separately (It may not be possible to buy sample according to the situation of Chinese company.)

Purchasing Sample Procedure

1. Create sample purchase request form
After signing in, fill out purchasing sample order form
2. Primary feedback
We will notify you of the availability
of sample and the cost of sample
purchase within one day after your request
* purchasing sample fee: commission, sample cost,
local shipping cost, international shipping cost
3. Market research form
After payment confirmation, Tebah_chinas order a sample.
*Depending on the seller's
location after the order,
the shipping date will change.
4. Secondary feedback
Upon receipt of the local sample,
we will send you an e-mail with your product status and sample photo that Tebah taken directly.
5. Customer Confirm
After confirming your inspection,
we will send samples to Korea.
* Flight Express, it will take 1~2 days to Korea.
6. Receiving Sample
You can pick up samples within
1-2 days of arriving in Korea

Purchasing Types for Sample

division Purchase Cost Notes
Purchasing Sample Request(After request) Sample cost X quantity X Exchange rate + Commision Fee 11,000₩ (including VAT) If you are purchasing a sample of the product
Purchasing Sample Request Sample cost X quantity X Exchange rate + Commision Fee 33,000₩ (Including VAT)
Making Sample Request Sample cost X quantity X Exchange rate + Commision Fee 55,000~110,000₩ (Including VAT) Depending on Item

When buying a sample, International shipping cost guides

division International shipping costs Estimated delivery period Notes
0~1kg 16,000₩ 3~4days add per 1kg / + 6,000 won
ex) 1.2kg = 2kg
over 1kg 22,000₩ 3~4days
* Depending on product, shipping cost will be changed